Off-Topic. Rihanna Demands the World While On Tour!

June 24, 2010 • Off-Topic


Some of Hollywood's hottest music stars have scored permanent spots on my iPod. From old school hip hop, to modern day R&B, I always feel one with these entertainers, and I occasionally splurge on concert tickets when one of my ultra-favorites come to town. Most recently, however, I was a bit put off when I learned about the famous "tour rider" lists, the all imperative demands that are essential for artists to perform in various cities. So while turning the dial on my radio, I stumbled upon a local station that had received a recent copy of Rihanna's rider list – a document that is usually never accessible to the public. For the next five minutes, my apartment filled with the loudest combinations of laughter and gasps from what I'd heard.

The list included: a six-foot couch covered in white linen for her to lounge on (with accompanying animal printed pillows), candles, white tulips, lavender roses, deep cleaned throw rugs, frosted flakes, fiery hot cheetos, no sequins what-so-ever is allowed, and the arena where she is performing must be sprayed with a certain kind of fragrance before she steps foot on stage. WTF?!? Really, Rihanna? Although she's not the first or only celebrity to encompass a meticulous list of must-haves, this "diva-like" behavior is quite surprising for the "umbrella" pop-princess.

What do you think? Has Rihanna lost all of her young mind?

– Nicole L. Townsend


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One Response to Off-Topic. Rihanna Demands the World While On Tour!

  1. Miko Franklin says:

    She has got to be kidding! Who cares about a fragrance that’ll dissipate in like five minutes?!!!! That is way t much to ask, especially from a mediocre singer. Not that anyone should be that demanding but at least have unparalleled skills before making those demands. Maybe stars have crazy riders just to see how far they can go…

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