Shop Cops: Dressing Under the Influence (DUI)

June 28, 2010 • Fashion, Shop Cops

Beer and fashion do not mix, so you can imagine all the crazy clothing concoctions I saw at a street fair in Chicago over the
weekend. Enough to make this Shop Cop Deputy
“hurl” out the handcuffs
and arrest these ruffians for disturbing my
. I don’t why people be dressing a fool when a little
alcohol is involved! What happened to your fashion sense, people?

I’m telling you right now that this Style Officer is not amused by these
civilians' total disregard for the law and I have the authority to shoot you on sight…with my camera of
course. 🙂


DV 06 232010: Snapped this girl up
for disturbing the peace with her obnoxious  pairing of tie-dye and checkers. How many beer steins does it
take to get to the center of fashion insanity? Ask this girl.

DV 06 232012: Not sure what to book her with first,
underage drinking or underage
. I believe it is style law that no one is allowed to
wear Converses and a
book-bag over the age of

Maifest 040

DV 06 232013: "Spread em' sister! I'm going to have to cuff
you for the illegal possession of mind-altering prints!" The psychedelic paisley dress and the
Lifesaver bag has me
trippin' all over the place. Someone order
this girl an intervention!

 DV 06 232014: At high noon, this cowgirl and I will partake in a good old
fashion showdown. Winner takes all and the loser takes off their boots!

DV 06 232014: The reckless coupling of spring and fall
patterns in this outfit has been hittin' the bottle hard.

DV 06 232015: This lovely lady looks exquisite in her
tribal print tube dress and
her delicate gold chained shoulder
. Can't help but give her a whistle of appreciation as I
admire her backside…I'm talking about her outfit, of course!

DV 06 232016: The King
of Fashion No-Nos
comes and taunts me with his garish outfit and
ruddy face. I couldn't stand to be disrespected on my own turf so I told the
giant elf, "Prepare to get piggybacked into a stylish submission!"

Disclaimer: No one was hurt in the production of this article.

-Yen Le

Photos: Second City Style


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