Forever 21 Finally Opens in Manhattan, Tweens Still Creating Chaos

June 29, 2010 • Fashion


What a shocker: the new Forever 21 is still one crazy hot mess.

Over the weekend, the biggest Forever 21 opened up in Times Square in New York. Four stories, over 91,000 square feet and 121 dressing rooms it will be known as the largest retail venue in Manhattan devoted to a single brand.

Cintra Wilson gave her take on the basic idea that is the Forever 21 chaos. "Reduced to its essential nature, Forever 21 is an Americanized version of Topshop, the British chain that makes a killing with designer knockoffs. Forever 21 refines this business plan into an even more lethal form of consumer crack: It makes knockoffs of Topshop knockoffs, and sells them even cheaper."

You can read more of Wilson's take at Don't skip reading the comments either.

-Taneisha Jordan

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