News Flash. Gisele Bundchen is the Richest and Most Powerful Supermodel, Duh!

June 29, 2010 • Fashion


This comes as no surprise as Gisele Bundchen reigns supreme as the richest and most powerful supermodel of the new millennium. Both Fashionista and Forbes recently reported that the long-legged beauty earned a whopping $25 million last year, beating out the equally stunning Heidi Klum and iconic Kate Moss. To appropriately rank these high-paid celebs, Forbes factors in salary, web presence, social media presence, and press mentions to tally up the top winners. Add a hot husband, beautiful baby and a magician that grants her a fabulous figure, it's no wonder that she doesn't top every "IT-LIST" published! Historically known as being one of the most short-lived career avenues, amazingly enough, these glamazons have proved differently!

So if you're searching for a career change, and you don't mind extensively traveling the world, or stomping the catwalk in the most gorgeous designs then modeling might be the career venture for you!

Who do you believe the next multi-million dollar supermodel is? Is it you? Ah, the life of a superstar…

– Nicole L. Townsend

Article Source: Fashionista

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