Vintage 101: Silhouettes Of The Past

July 1, 2010 • Fashion


Angel Cutsforth for Second City Style Magazine

In my last article, I wrote that one of the most important things
when dating an item of vintage is to study the silhouettes of different
decades. It's also very important when finding a decade to suit your
body shape.
A curvy figure wouldn't really look fabulous in a lot of
1920s styles, whereas the 1950s or early 1960s would look amazing.

The best thing to do if you think you like an era is to look at
illustrations and photos to see if you would suit part of the look
Keep in mind you don't need to dress head to toe in vintage to enjoy the
fashions of the past.

1920s – The 1920s look was a straight up and down
look with androgynous undertones.
Women with flat chests and boyish
looks where considered the most attractive and a lot of women used to
bandage their chests in order to get the flat look that was so
desirable. Dresses weren't fitted and where actually boxy in shape in
order to accentuate the look of the day.

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