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July 2, 2010 • Events

Models in the Fall 2010 Rag & Bone Collection. The black dress will be in the store mid-July and the the rest mid-August. Intermix will carry Rag & Bone shoes, too!

David Neville & Marcus Wainwright were at INTERMIX in Chicago Wednesday evening for an exclusive shopping event. Champagne and beer were served – a perfect combination between the laid back attitude of the designers (the beer) and the luxury of Intermix (the champagne), as well as the eclectic "mix" of fashions found at INTERMIX.

"You will find different designers displayed together at INTERMIX." CEO Khajak Keledjian told me. "We also like to present emerging designers along with the more established designers." What a perfect (inter) mix, I thought! He also told me that the INTERMIX store at 40 East Delaware Place is the highest ranking store they have – and we've got it right here in Chicago!

In discussin the Rag & Bone collection, Khajak noted that the pieces have longevity. They are well constructed, he said, and can be worn throughout many seasons and in different combinations. He believes they are truly great investment pieces.


Shoppers were able to meet the handsome duo of Rag & Bone. They fit right into the party scene, mixing with the guests, and were oh-so-polite with their adorable British accents!

Marcus Wainwright of Rag & Bone told me that, amazingly, they had no experience in the fashion industry but set out to make the perfect pair of jeans. The duo started with menswear in 2004, moving on to womenswear shortly after in 2005. "You can really wear your clothes!" I said.  "Yes, our goal is to make clothes that you can wear," he joked. Laughing, I clarified that I saw the pieces as casual yet sophisticated clothing that you can wear everyday and he agreed.

I also had to ask him if he felt there was any shape or trend in jeans right now that we should all be wearing. "I feel that there have been trends in denim but now it is settled down so there is no one trend. A woman should wear what looks best on her, if it is the skinny jeans than wear skinny, a baggy style, wear baggy." Sounds good to us!

Finally, I asked Marcus about the textiles and if they personally designed them, particularly on a blouse I loved with a sweeping navy blue graphic. He explained that they took a section of a New York artist's work and used that portion for the scene print. Much of their design is based on street culture and New York attitude. I think this attitude can certainly translate as a great look for Chicago, too!

David Neville – the other half of Rag & Bone.

INTERMIX CEO Khajak Keledjian with models.


Rag & Bone leather jacket, jersey top and leather shorts (one of my favorites!)

Beer for the guys and champagne for the ladies!

Shopping for Rag & Bone at the party!

Shop for Rag & Bone in stores and online at INTERMIX!

Photos: Second City Style

— Carol Calacci

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