Interview. A Red Carpet Minute with Giuliana Rancic.

July 6, 2010 • Fashion


Giuliana Rancic

The first of the month kicked off with a bang last week as we lucky SCS staffers got  up close and personal with E! News expert and reality show pro, Giuliana Rancic.Rancic was in town for an exclusive screening of Toy Story 3, sponsored by Chase, for Chase Freedom cardholders. We were able to catch up with Giuliana on the red carpet of AMC North theater at 600 N. Michigan before the film. Her famously long and lean figure was wrapped in an adorable, one-shouldered floral print frock by MM couture. When she stepped onto the carpet for photos, she was every bit the glam celebrity she often interviews herself. But once we got to chatting, the friendly, funny, 'every girl's best friend' persona came out as she discussed life, love and all the exciting ventures she's currently working on.

I first asked Giuliana how long she had been in Chicago, a place she's always been vocal about enjoying and where, up until recently, her and her husband The Apprentice winner Bill Rancic had a home. But both her and Bill's busy schedules caused them to sell their Chicago property in 2009, giving them less reason to visit our Windy City—until now! Rancic filled me in that Season 3 of her and Bill's reality show on The Style Channel, Giuliana and Bill, (which garnered rave reviews for its first two seasons), will now have a whopping 80% of the filming done in Chicago! Rancic said that after the show was tested to multiple audiences of viewers, the one thing they heard the most was that people wanted to see more of Chicago. Who wouldn't?! So the Rancics plan on hanging out a bit more in the gorgeous Chicago summer until filming wraps and we are all looking forward to the Bill and Giuliana Season 3 premiere on September 28 on The Style Channel.

Talking to Giuliana on the red carpet

But filming a show that displays the ups and downs of marital bliss isn't all that Rancic has been busy with lately. Her and Bill have also been concocting a book together on the tried and true secrets of their enviable connection. Just from watching her mention it, it's clear Rancic has had an incredible experience compiling the 17 chapter tome with her husband. She explained the text will be comprised of both research and transcribed interviews with married couples, including Bill and Giuliana themselves, on ideas and themes that are crucial to any successful marriage such as commitment, respect, building a home and handling in-laws!  Rancic noted how hard it is when her and her husband are often separated by their schedules, but that the book was a way for them to create something together and that it helped her to get through the times when they were apart.

The as yet to be named book is slated to come out in October, as is Giuliana's third project she's tinkering with behind the scenes at E!, a reality show she's producing that will be centered on brides-to-be. The show, tentatively called Bridalplasty will involve 12 girls moving into a house in L.A., each six weeks away from her wedding. Through a ten episode series, the girls will challenge themselves physically and emotionally to achieve their personal goals and some will even win the chance to have a life-changing surgery before their wedding day. "It will kind of be a cross between The Swan and The Biggest Loser" Rancic revealed. We're already intrigued!

Me and SCS editor Carol Calcci (right) with Giuliana Rancic, compliments of Chase freedom!

And finally, before the Chase cardholders carried Giuliana away from us, we had to ask her about her ravishing style. Both on and off the red carpet, Rancic glows with an easy grace that makes her so engaging to watch. "How do you do it?", we inquired. Rancic said with a laugh that she actually prefers more attainable fashion, pieces that don't break the bank and that her audience could go out and get for themselves. She said it's important to her when on camera to look relate-able and real, since thats what she is!  So she opts out of showy labels and super luxe brands in favor of "fashion you can actually buy." When reporting for E! she noted that she does have a stylist but that she gets to provide her own feedback, and that she usually gets her way. We didn't see how anyone could say no to her anyway! After five short minutes of Giuliana's bubbly charisma, we can't wait to see more of the projects that the empress of E! has up her super stylish sleeve! Thanks Giuliana!

Photo Source: Chase, Second City Style

-Alia Rajput

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