What’s the Deal with Crystal Renn?

July 7, 2010 • Fashion

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Crystal Renn in her full-figured glory on the cover of last year's memoir, "Hungry"

Talk about a tough job. Super model Crystal Renn has been the focal point of many an industry discussion lately, on the topic of whether or not she's losing too much weight. Lauded as the most successful plus-size model in the world, the 24 year old has already seen a lifetime from her struggles within the modeling industry. She published a memoir last year called “Hungry: A Young Model’s Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves”, which spoke candidly of her tumultuous journey as a model since the age of 16, battling anorexia and fighting to stay at a ridiculous 95 pounds to get jobs. In the book, Renn decries the all too common practices that girls put themselves through to stay thin, admitting that she lost her sex drive, her period, and much of her personality through her own battle. After finally triumphing as a comfortable size 12 and becoming one of the most well known plus-size models in the world, it seemed Renn was proud to become a role model to aspiring plus sized girls everywhere. “I [decided] to be a plus-size model and let my body be what it was
meant to be,” she told The New York Post last September. “Women are taught that if
they get skinny, their lives will be perfect. But real life doesn’t
work that way. I’m here to prove it.

A model walks the runway during the Chanel Cruise Collection Pr022319--300x450
Looking more svelte, walking the Chanel Resort show in St. Tropez in May

But lately, that hasn't been the case. Photos have recently surfaced of Renn looking alarmingly waif-ish, causing her friend and and fellow plus-size model Kate Dillon to describe her as, “heroin chic.” In May, Renn walked the runway for Chanel in St. Tropez, sporting
jutting cheekbones and a form-fitting dress that made her look at least two
sizes smaller than the size 10 she now claims to be. And a picture from fordmodelsblog.com renders her near unrecognizable with sunken eyes and scrawny legs. So has the pressure of the industry gotten to her again? Where has her plus-sized glory gone? Dillon says to wait before we all pass judgment on Renn, crediting her obvious weight loss to an increased workout routine, not drugs. “The one thing that’s so great about plus-size models is that we’re
allowed to fluctuate much more than other models. A plus-size model
doesn’t have to be a size 12 for the rest of her life. If she gets a
new workout regimen and drops to a size 8, it’s not that big of a deal.
" Dillon said. We just hope for Crystal's sake, and for all the future Crystal's out there that she's still happy with her body and ready to re-embrace her curves.

Is that even her?? Renn in a Fashion for Passion ad, shot by Nicholas Routzen

Article Source: The New York Post

Photo Source: The New York Post and formodelsblog.com

-Alia Rajput

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