Retail Detail. Get on the Pop Up Shop Bandwagon!

July 9, 2010 • Fashion


In this fledgling economy, though retail sales are just starting to be on the rise, many stores are still finding they have more supply than demand. So what to do with substantial amounts of surplus? The latest trend is to invest in a pop-up shop, the latest craze of temporary retail, where an unused storefront can quickly become a bustling sample sale to liquidate all that extra inventory at a profit. 

Overstock is just one of the reasons to start a pop up shop, as researched by Inc. magazine in a recent article on the phenomenon. Others include getting the word out on a product line in a new area, testing out a new idea or experimenting with a new market. In each circumstance the article explains, the designer or retailer walks away better off than they were before with either a profit or increased exposure in their pocket. And these days, every little bit counts.

Thinking of setting up your own pop up shop? Check out the Inc. magazine article and starting spreading the word!

Article Source: Inc. Magazine

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-Alia Rajput

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