WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

July 9, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Mischa Barton in L.A.

Comment: We applaud you for your patriotism Mischa in choosing to dress in our country's colors, (although this was taken two days after the 4th). But those tight red pants just aren't doing you justice, especially with the flat shoes, so we're gonna have to go ahead and add red pants to the list of things you can't wear after a certain time. Except instead of Labor Day, which is the case for white pants, we're gonna have to say Independence Day should be the end of red pants' reign of terror.

She's Thinking: Every day should be red, white and blue day!

Jenni 'JWoww' Farley at the Sirius XM station in New York

Comment: Although this is slightly toned down for the usually explosive JWoww, it doesn't make her look any less tacky. The sad thing is, she would be so pretty if it weren't for the porn star style like shirts that barely cover her chest and shorts that are basically just pockets. And why wear suede boots, of all things, with those itty bitty cutoffs? Yuck. Its a good thing this was for a radio show.

She's Thinking: You know, in case it gets cold in the summer.

Jared Leto at a party in London

Comment: Um, when did Jared Leto become such a freak?? Is this what happens when you choose your music career over your acting career, you start to look like Billy Idol?! So much for a heartthrob. And just so you know Jared, your old 'My So-Called Life' co-star, Claire Danes, was in the front row of Paris couture shows all week. That so could have been you.

He's Thinking: Now people can finally start taking me seriously.

Daphne Guinness (right) at the Giorgio Armani Prive couture show in Paris

Comment: When else can you look crazy and still be considered fabulous than during couture week? Guinness is no stranger to pushing the envelope with her outlandish looks and actually, this dress is really quite chic. What we're so alarmed about is the fact that she seems to be missing a good chunk of her body. Did she have some ribs removed or something? And how can she actually keep herself upright like that? It is really quite grotesque, especially since she's standing right next to Roberta Armani who is not a skeleton and looks ten times more radiant.

She's Thinking: I want a sandwich.

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-Alia Rajput

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