Ask The Bean: Belting Up The Cardigan

July 15, 2010 • Fashion


Dear Bean:

I've been noticing a lot of women wearing a dress with an open
cardigan belted at the waist. I think it's such a cute look, but I just
don't know how to work it! I'm curvy and I feel that you need to be
pretty skinny for the look. Is that true? Is there a way I can pull this


Dear Unbuckled:

I absolutely LOVE this look! You have a very good eye!

I think the actual issue you are dealing with is the fear of
stepping outside of your 'fashion box'
. It's very scary for us
ladies to experiment with concepts and looks that don't fit into our
regular fashion look.

For example, I'm very well known for wearing all black or gray with
colorful shoes and statement accessories. A friend of mine talked me
into buying a pattern dress and mixing it with a pattern cardigan – I
was terrified! However, once I forced myself into playing with the
concept and trying the outfit on, I was shocked and delighted to find
that it actually worked!
I'm not saying that I wear that look every
day, but every once in a while I'll work it in for something new. I
admit, the feeling is quite empowering for something as simple as
shifting clothing styles!

So first thing's first, you have to try on this look. Merely
looking at it from across the street or a magazine ad doesn't cut it.
And it doesn't matter one hoot if you're curvy – in fact this
look would emphasize your waistline, which will be uber-flattering
and slimming

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