Beauty Buzz. Eco-Friendly ‘Vampire Facelift’ Takes Beauty Industry By Storm.

July 15, 2010 • Beauty


Dracula would be so proud. In celebration of the recent 'vampire' fest, Selphyl, a natural cosmetic procedure, can also be referred to as the "vampire facelift." Yes, you read that correctly. This procedure calls for a combination of the patient's blood with natural mixtures, which is injected back into the skin."The natural procedure is performed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in their office in less than 20 minutes and typically yields 4 cc of product – enough for facial contouring", notes the Selphyl website. It’s a cost effective procedure, and deters the use of synthetic, plastic, or animal-derived materials.

The general idea of a regular facelift (whatever that encompasses) makes me nervous, so the thought of using a gallon of my own blood for beauty enhancements make me want to gag. Sorry, folks! As much as I'd like to cosign on this one, I can't get freaky image of a vampire dressed in a white lab coat out of my head.

Would you be interested in having a "vampire facelift"?

– Nicole L. Townsend

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