Beauty News. New Product Absorbs Unpleasant Odors.

July 22, 2010 • Beauty


The new "Subtle Butt" disposable patch takes the cake of all eclectic products that have surfaced within the last century. This fabric has an "activated carbon layer…to which stench adheres and gets neutralized." For proper use, the directions recommend that consumers stick the small square to your underwear to absorb any unpleasant smell after an overindulgent meal or an erratic case of the windmills. Gross. Please be advised that "Subtle Butt" has no mechanisms to muffle sound, so you won't be able to point the finger at anyone standing or sitting near you. ‘Stylist Blog’ recently spoke with the creator of this over-the-top product, Kim Olenicoff, who said, "I use them on airplanes, after a chili meal, and even on my dog…It’s kind of embarrassing, but it’s better to have it in and not be embarrassed." I'm sorry, but she should've mentioned that blogging about it is equally embarrassing, but hey, we want to keep you guys informed about EVERYTHING! The "Subtle Butt" is retailed at $11.95 for a set of five, which should last, oh, never mind.

We'd like you to weigh in, Second City Style fans! Would you buy this hilarious product and recommend it to your girlfriends? I think it's safe to say that Second City Style is going to pass!

We can't wait to hear from you!

– Nicole L. Townsend

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