“Lacroix, darling! Lacroix!” Could Be Affordable Soon

July 22, 2010 • Fashion



Sacha Walckhoff, Christian Lacroix's newest designer, is trying to do what others have already succeeded at. Though Lacroix had "humble" beginnings in couture in clothing we normal people could only dream of wearing, it looks as if many of us will soon have the chance to afford it.

Walckhoff is looking for an opportunity to do a collaboration line with a retailer such as Target or H&M. He told the Huffington Post on his feelings.

"Yes why not. Because it's part of what I've been wanting : to get people to touch Lacroix at last. Brands like Target and H&M would be ideal for that. Of course, I won't do a couture dress for a mass retailer, but to do a small collection for one would be lovely. I'm open to it. Lacroix is luxury, but the brand's DNA, as the Spring 2011 collection shows, is about mixing the luxurious and the rough. This creates a large territory to play and craft something everyone could love."

Do you know how many people would clamor for a Lacroix collection that was not worth a year of rent?

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: huffingtonpost.com

Photo: blogs.vogue.es

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