Bling Blather. Atelier Minyon’s Turkish Delights

July 23, 2010 • Accessories


I like big baubles and I can not lie
You other sisters can't deny

About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of playing with beautiful jewelry in Soho. The only thing I can think of that's better than having an amazing over-the-top collection of baubles on my wrists and fingers, is leaving the store with them.

While Atelier Minyon carries everything from jeweled daggers, to diamond skulls it was the collection of romantic Byzantine style jewelry which won me over. I know it's all the trend this fall (you are going to see ornate jewels attached to apparel), but I have loved it and have been collection some for seemingly forever…and I could always use more!



The emerald ring I am lusting after (above)


Atelier Minyon was created in 2008 to expand the Turkish Jewel House of Minyon in the United States. Atelier Minyon is a jewelry design house that melds the romantic history of Turkey with modern design and offers fresh innovative collections. Once you step through the doors you are instantly transported to a very special time and place in Turkey where everything is beautifully crafted by hand.

Although the modern day Republic of Turkey was formed in 1923, Turkey’s culture, artistry architecture, and history are founded on six centuries of being the center of the Ottoman Empire. During the Ottoman Empire, artisans created some of the world’s most beautiful jeweled treasures.

Here is a tray of rings I played with. The one on the far right front opens

Here I am wearing the emerald ring I covet. The larger bracelet is meshed gold. Very light, very beautiful. I contemplated making a run for it!

I love this ring (also pictured at the top of this post) as a wedding band alternative.

Here are some of the interesting daggers and sword jewelry they also sell. Just don't try to wear it on a plane! But it's very cool.

Jewel House of Minyon was founded by two families in 1970 with the aspirations of designing, producing and selling exceptionally distinctive jewelry in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Over the years, Jewel House of Minyon has created original jewelry, handcrafted in 18, 22 and 24 karat gold with diamond and other gemstone embellishments, utilizing the traditions and architectural elements of Turkey. Jewel House of Minyon / Atelier Minyon has grown to seven retail stores as well as a design studio and workshops where artisans still make every piece by hand.

155 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012  •  646.478.7220

– Lauren Dimet Waters

FTC Disclosure: Sadly no samples were given.

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  1. Jewellry, I love them…and these are quite amazing. The onse here look expensive though.

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