Beauty Buzz. Two (Very Different!) Celebrities Join Fragrance Craze

July 23, 2010 • Beauty, Celebrity Style

Jennifer Aniston

It seems the latest craze in celebrity branding is no longer trying to design a clothing line (whew!) but lending stylings to the creation of a fragrance. Last week was all abuzz with the prospect of Lady Gaga coming out with what was sure to be a bizarre and odd-smelling elixir. But those rumors were quickly crushed, only to be replaced with two actual celebrity fragrance launches this week—and they couldn't be more different!

All-American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston surprised everyone when she announced that London would be the locale for the worldwide debut of her first scent, named just Jennifer Aniston. Aniston appeared at Harrods earlier this week to meet fans and promote her subtle and sophisticated fragrance, which she describes as, " [A] mix of smells I love: that smell when you walk
through a beautiful garden that's full of flowers, not overwhelming
like some perfume smells, but more natural. So it's the smell of the
jasmine from my garden, and the smell of summertime, and the ocean, and
sun tan lotion." She said she chose London and specifically, Harrods because "[It's] is very elegant, and I guess if it works here, then we're doing well." The Jennifer Aniston fragrance is not yet available stateside. 

Katy Perry

But while we're pouting over that development, we can take stock in knowing that pop star Katy Perry would never leave her adoring American public out of the loop. Perry has just announced she will be channeling her funky, bright pink, plastic style into a scent as well, set to launch exclusively at Nordstrom in November. The potion will be called Purr, inspired by Perry's Catwoman stage costume, and the cat-shaped bottle has jeweled eyes and metallic accents (are we really surprised?). Perry said she was inspired by fellow celebs Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and especially Gwen Stafani with the successes of their signature scents and wanted to get on the bandwagon as well. Perry told WWD she wanted the perfume to channel "all things edible,” which
translates into notes of peach nectar and apple amongst green bamboo,
jasmine blossom and creamy sandalwood in her new scent. Keep an eye out for the cat-shaped bottle on Nordstrom shelves this fall. 

Article Source: NY Mag, Instyle, British Vogue, WWD

Photo Source: British Vogue, Instyle

-Alia Rajput

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