WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

July 23, 2010 • Celebrity Style


Cameron Diaz at the premiere of "Knight and Day" in London

Comment: Someone needs to tell Cameron that pantslessness is on the way out. Because if she had gotten the memo, then surely she would known have shown up to a glamorous event like a premiere sporting what appears to be a blah sparkly sweater with no bottoms. Yes we would kill for those gams too but come on Cam, you still have your street cred to consider.

She's Thinking: I'm always the last one to find out these things! 

Rihanna at a concert after-party in Hollywood

Comment: Ever the envelop pusher, Rihanna's latest outfit seems to take cues from another big R: Ronald McDonald that is. Between her gumball-colored hair do and her ruffly, polka-dotted jumpsuit, she looks like belongs in a plastic playground. What ever happened to trying to appear older in how you dress? Will this spark a new toddler-inspired trend? Geez, we hope not.

She's Thinking: I'll take a Happy Meal, please.

Zac Efron at the premiere of "Charlie St. Cloud" in L.A.

Comment: As happy as we all are that Zac Efron is starting to get starring roles in non-musical films, we're not too happy on the state of his, what could only be called gravity-defying hair. Doesn't he realize how comical he looks? Robert Pattinson barely gets away with his floppy locks and they're not nearly as ridiculous looking as these. Note to Zac: If you want to keep landing the tear-jerkers, start taking yourself seriously as something else besides a heartthrob. Otherwise, no one else will.

He's Thinking: The bigger my paycheck, the higher my hair.

Vincent Kartheiser at the Season 4 premiere of "Mad Men" in L.A.

Comment: So we have two men on our list this week! This may just be a personal pet peeve because I'm such a fan of the show, but where does Vincent Kartheiser get off showing up to a premiere party for his impeccably styled show looking like such a slob? Its not that he had to show up looking like modern day Peter Campbell, but every other male in his cast arrived looking like dapper and well-kept gentleman.  And not because they're obsessed with their characters, but because they know they are in the public eye and want to represent their work well. Its like if SJP showed up to a "Sex and the City" premiere in pajamas—it just should not be done.

He's Thinking: But I want people to see the real Vincent for what I am: untucked and sloppy with a 5'o clock shadow. 

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-Alia Rajput

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    I am looking all style.Really all style is so bad and ugly.The Cameron diaz style so so bad and very poor.I read very nice comment about celebrity by writer.

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