All About The Brows

July 24, 2010 • Magazine

All About The Brows

All About The Brows

Mon, 2000-07-24 06:00

Kelley Epps-Woods

When it comes to your face, a well groomed brow can make a world of difference. It is essential to have great shaped brows, because brows frame and highlight the face. There is nothing like seeing unruly brows, or brows, that need to be arched and plucked for months. Think of brows as a uniform. Would you want to go out the house without ironing your clothes? Well, it’s the same for your brows. They should be well kept and groomed. No worries, here are some essentials to get your brows in tip-top shape. 

For starters, if you have sparse brows or brows that are trying to grow in, Ardell’s Lash and Grow can help accelerate growth. This product is essential if your brows have been over-plucked or waxed too much. Use daily and your brows should start growing in within weeks. 

I must admit, it’s not always easy shaping brows, or getting brows to have the perfect arch, but don’t fret because Anastasia Brow Stencils have come to the rescue. These no-brainer stencils, are the ideal solution for those who either don’t have a lot of brow hair, need to recreate brows, or need help shaping their brows. The stencils let you create Petite, Slim High, Medium, or High and Full Arches accompanied by tweezers and a Mini Brush and Powder Duo.  

For brows that need added definition and precision, M•A•C Eye Brows Pencils work like a charm. This self-sharpening pencil is precise, with a sharp pointed head that lets you get into the sparse spots of your lashes. Create the shape, color, and density that you need with colors from the lightest blonde to the darkest black. 

For women on the go that need a fool-proof guide to brows, Lorac’s Take A Brow is your take-anywhere eyebrow palette. In this easy to use kit, hand picked brow colors are used in Blonde, Auburn, Brunette and Dark Brown, that contains two hair color-coordinated eyebrow powders, a stay-put clear brow wax for holding hair in place, and a mini angle brush. You can’t go wrong with this palette for perfectly groomed brows. 

Anastasia’s Tinted Brow Gels are perfect for thin and sparse brows. With just of hint of color, these gels can be used after you have created your brows to define them and keep in place or over brows that may need color. These gels plump the hair follicle, giving the appearance of fuller, thicker brows. Great for brow touch-ups anywhere!

Once you have achieved the brows you desire, or for those of us who have already been graced with great brows, Ardell’s Clear Brow Gel keeps them in place. Like gel for hair, this gel for your brows keeps brow hair in place and set all day. Say goodbye to fly-away and ungroomed brows. I adore Ardell’s Brow Gel. 

1. Ardell Brow & Lash Accelerator Treatment Gel $3.99
2. Anastasia Classic Stencils $20
3. M•A•C Eye Brows $15
4. Lorac Take A Brow $22
5. Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel $21
6. Ardell Sculpting Gel for Brows, Clear $4.09

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