Shortening The Purse Strings For The Long Necklace

July 25, 2010 • Magazine

Shortening The Purse Strings For The Long Necklace

Shortening The Purse Strings For The Long Necklace

Tue, 2000-07-25 04:00

Rachel Yeomans

Recently, my younger sister asked me where she could find long necklaces to add to her collegiate attire. Of course, the emphasis is on collegiate – aka cheap! For her sake, as one should never be without style due to lack of budget, I went on a hunt for very fashionable and quite affordable long necklaces.

First off, I have to say I’m quite proud of my sister for embracing the style of the long necklace. I absolutely love this trend as it can bring forth many different looks, add just enough to really make your outfit stand out, and pull everything together.

You can wear one long, double it up for a shorter necklace, or even create a multi-strand bracelet or anklet! I’m very excited for her to start influencing her campus trends with some of these adorable strands.

As it’s an ever-present trend, affordable strands were not too difficult to discover! I especially loved the costume options from Target and the touch of designer from the Simply Vera Vera Wang collection from Kohl’s.

I did have to throw in a fun option from Juicy Couture that may be a bit out of her price range, however it definitely doesn’t break the bank and it never hurts to start building a wish list. Remember, I am her older sister and need to set a good example.

1. Long Multi Strand Beaded Necklace in Purple or Coral at Target $29.99
2. Ribbon Tie Clear Beaded Long Necklace – Silvertone at Target $27.99
3. Beaded Custer Pendant Long Necklace – Goldtone at Target $27.99
4. Simply Vera Vera Wang Jet-Tone Beaded Long Necklace at Kohl’s $22.40
5. Juicy Couture Flower Punk Silver Necklace $120

Image Layout: Laura Funk

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