Halle Berry Stars in Upcoming Shoe-Themed Comedy

July 26, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has been busy making plans these days. In addition to scoring arguably the most coveted magazine cover of the year, the September issue of Vogue,the enviable beauty has also been exploring new creative territory—like a chick flick. Berry has been cast in the film “Shoe Addicts Anonymous,” an adaptation of the best-selling novel by Beth Harbison. The comedy is being produced by Galgos Entertainment’s Russell Nuce and Mark Bozek, and Parallel Media. Both Nuce and Bozek have backgrounds in the fashion industry, Nuce was previously vice president and general counsel of Wear Me Apparel at Kids Headquarters and Bozek was formerly president and chief executive officer of HSN Inc.,
launched hsn.com,
and before that was vice president of broadcasting at

But what was about it about Berry that allowed her to beat out other comedy veterans for the role? “Halle related to it. She gets all these serious parts and said,
‘Nobody thinks of me as a comedic actress’ but she’s really funny. She
also loves shoes.” The film, which has been dubbed, "more ‘First Wives’ Club’ than ‘Sex and the City,' ” is about four Chicago women who come together because
they’re all obsessed with shoes and wear the same 7.5 size. Bozek said they’re still in the process of casting three other female
parts and, (here's the best part), the movie will be filmed this fall in Chicago and Michigan! Huzzah! The comedy "Shoe Addicts Anonymous" is slated to be released in fall 2011 so keep an eye out for some sassy stilettos! 

Article Source: WWD

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-Alia Rajput

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