Mad Men Premieres With Decadent Style and Subtle Glamour

July 26, 2010 • Lifestyle

Peggy (left) before her career girl makeover in the first season of Mad Men

Happy Mad Men week! The series 4 premiere debuted last night and million tuned in to watch what may be the best scintillating season yet of the guilty pleasure drama series. The looks were divine, the hair was to die for and the makeup…..well, have we ever really even paid attention to the makeup? Surely it evokes the same sense of personality of the show's feminine trifecta as the hair and wardrobe does, yet doesn't seem to garner nearly as much attention. Until now.

Luckily, Vogue's got up close and personal with the woman behind the Mad Men, that is, head makeup artist, Lana Horochowski. Horochowski explains the evolution the cosmetic stylings have undergone for each of the show's three main women, each embodying a sort of archetypal style of the the swinging 60s era. Who would have thought, the makeup team takes extra efforts to make it seem like Peggy does her own makeup? Or how research was done on the movies that came out in that era, to see what factors influenced cosmetics back then i.e. the cat eye from Elizabeth Taylor's Cleoptra? Any Mad Men nerdette like myself couldn't resist all these behind the scenes tidbits, especially the names of the modern day products they use (NARS, anyone?) to channel the undeniably glamorous looks. I can't wait for all the drama and plot twists of the upcoming season but come on—all self-respecting Mad Men girls know we love to tune in every week for the fiercely fabulous fashion and beauty the series has become known for. Happy watching!

Read the interview with Lana Horochowski here.

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