Pop Fashion: The Popular Sensibilities of Yves Saint Laurent

July 27, 2010 • Fashion


With his first retrospective currently on exhibition at the Petit
Palais in Paris, it’s clear that fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent
adroitly merged fashion, art and pop culture in one of the most prolific
and culturally transformative careers in fashion history.

Amanda Aldinger for Second City Style Magazine

The last 100 years have seen an unprecedented cultural embrace of the
avant-garde and variances in artistic expression. While this particular
century saw multiple revolutions in self-expression during its five
scores, it is arguable that none were so defined – nor so widely received and perpetuated – as the Pop movement in the 1960s and 1970s.

Challenging traditional notions of visual systemics in everything
ranging from furniture design to painting, from media advertisements to
film, from music to social reformation, the Pop sensibility far exceeded
the boundaries of visual art. During this period, the fashion industry
likewise experienced its own notable transition – led prominently by French couturier Yves Saint Laurent,
whose innovative designs and instinctive cultural sensibility embraced
Pop art's most infectious and universal proclivities, transforming
relationships between the individual, culture and clothing.

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