Filthy Couture is a Little Less Than Classy…

July 28, 2010 • Fashion

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If you want to dress like a classy hooker, JWOWW has something for you! Jersey Shore's JWOWW new clothing line that she has only been mentioning for oh, the last year. And looking through the pictures, she's going to need all the positive word of mouth she can get. 

Filthy Couture, which is now available for pre-order, shows a few of the "class" that Miss JWOWW explained in her "couture" line. And considering the elegance of the ensembles, you'll be amazed. Bikinis price from $124 to $128, tops for $180 and dresses from $320 to $330. What a steal for such refined glamour! (Edited for sarcasm).

If you just can't stand the wait any longer, you can pre-order your own pieces of fashion history today! Orders ship August 20.

-Taneisha Jordan

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