Beauty Treatment: All About The Brows

July 29, 2010 • Beauty


Kelley Epps-Woods for Second City Style Magazine

When it comes to your face, a well groomed brow can make a world of difference.
It is essential to have great shaped brows, because brows frame and
highlight the face. There is nothing like seeing unruly brows, or brows,
that need to be arched and plucked for months. Think of brows as a
uniform. Would you want to go out the house without ironing your clothes?
Well, it's the same for your brows. They should be well kept and
groomed. No worries, here are some essentials to get your brows in
tip-top shape. 

For starters, if you have sparse brows or brows that are trying to grow in, Ardell's Lash and Grow can help accelerate growth. This product is essential if your brows have been over-plucked or waxed too much. Use daily and your brows should start growing in within weeks.

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