You Can Soon Smell Like a Playboy Bunny

July 30, 2010 • Beauty


Coty's new fragrances from Playboy and Adidas for Men 

Another brand is getting into the fragrance game. 


Playboy has joined with Coty Inc. to create three new women's fragrances and one for men. Retailing between $15.68 and $23.53 at the exchange rate, there will be three sizes for the perfumes: 30-, 50-, and 75-ml, with a 150-ml body spray for $5.22.


Launching in Europe in September and in January in the US, the fragrances will be set in the Playboy signature bunny ear bottles. The women's fragrances will be called Play it Spicy, Play it Lovely and Play it Sexy. The men's fragrance gets the not-so-fun name of Playboy New York (which is funny because the headquarters is actually in Chicago).


Gee, I've always wondered what glitter, fuzzy bunny ears and regret smelled like…


-Taneisha Jordan


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