Introducing Vintage Into Your Wardrobe

July 31, 2010 • Magazine

Introducing Vintage Into Your Wardrobe

Introducing Vintage Into Your Wardrobe

Mon, 2000-07-31 07:00

Angel Cutsforth

The easiest way to bring vintage into your wardrobe is by using accessories. I have my personal favorite accessories (hats being my current obsession) but there are so many different accessories you can use to get the vintage look you want — and in some cases you don’t even need to go for actual vintage; reproduction can still give the same impact.

My personal favorite, I’m sad that hat wearing has fallen from grace and people don’t understand them anymore. For a great 1920’s look you could wear a cloche hat like this one from Mungopark on Etsy ($125) or for a more androgynous look a men’s vintage trilby could be worn with a white button down shirt some skinny jeans and a vest. Not only that but fascinators have become increasingly popular.

Worn as a belt, around your head or tied at your neck these can be worn year round. While I prefer the 1950’s look of a scarf tied at the neck, a Rosie the Riveter look can be created by just tying a scarf around you head. Not only that but Turbans where very popular during the 1940’s and that look can easily be reproduced with a vintage scarf and some hair pins.

Who hates those ugly chenille or fleece gloves? I know I do. I love the look of nicely fitted gloves in a color that compliments the outfit being worn. It’s a cheap and easy vintage accessory that can be found at estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores and vintage stores. While full length gloves are more appropriate for evening attire, short wrist length gloves provide sophistication to any outfit, and if you get a thin cotton they can be worn in the summer too.

For those of you that have been participating in Mad Men fever, the framed handbags have become an inspiration and they top off an outfit perfectly. These structured handbags not only work for a 1960’s look but for 1940 and 1950’s look. Tapestry bags are another good way to introduce a bit of Granny Chic into your closet, and with vintage versions being widely available even Gucci got on the bandwagon with their Hysteria bag, as seen on Whitney Port from The Hills.

Hats: Mungo Park Powder Blue 20s Cloche with Pin Wheels $125
Scarves: Comet Salvage Teal Penguin Scarf $12
Gloves: Redroverok Vintage Fashion Short Gloves with Pearl Button and Fold Over Tab Cuff $6
Handbags: Gucci Hysteria Tapestry Bag, Seen on Whitney Port from “The Hills”

Image Layout: Laura Funk

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