How To Pull Off Four Over-The-Top Celebrity Trends

August 1, 2010 • Magazine

How To Pull Off Four Over-The-Top Celebrity Trends

How To Pull Off Four Over-The-Top Celebrity Trends

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Simona Kogan

Sometimes we’re overwhelmed by the things celebs wear! Somehow the biggest stars can even make trashbag-textured attire look good (Remember that one-shouldered Lanvin leather dress worn by both Rihanna and JLo?! It did actually look like a black belted trashbag!)

The daily fashionista can’t exactly wear some of the outlandish outfits flaunted by those celubtantes but there are some ways we can make their over-the-top ensembles fit to our frame. Yes, you too, can rock dangerously low v-cut dresses, crazy colors and sky-high heels!

Here are some of the best ways to take top celebrity trends and make them work for you:

Don’t try this at home! Taylor Momsen loves wearing her ittie-bitties for the entire world to see. Here’s what I mean: Even though we were always taught that silky underthings, lacy under garments and smooth undershirts were supposed to be for private times, a lingerie look for a party dress or other piece, in public, seems to be all the rage among the stylish star set.

Both Lauren Conrad and Taylor Momsen have worn a grungy but sheer mesh overlay Dolce & Gabanna bustier dress that look like something she would wear with a lover in bed. Taylor went one step further and paired hers with a lacy see-through cover-all, ripped opaque knee-highs and wedged leather boots.

Maybe you won’t go all out like Taylor, but you can still find ways to rule this “boudouir” trend with corset tops, easy lace, nude colors, and satin fabrics, if you do it the right way and don’t wear everything at once. Simply pair a bustier or lace camisole in a bright color (or typical pink and black) under your structured everyday business work suit.

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Many of us are used to that crisp, structured menswearish look for women and celebs like Rachel Bilson, Kelly Osbourne, and Alexa Chung are no strangers to this trend. But when these stylish sisters start pairing their crisp trousers, pencil skirts, and ruffled, collared white blouse tops with gloves, bow ties, suspenders, and thick heeled shoes, you know they might have gone a little too far.

It’s also about the appropriate time to wear these statement-making tuxedo looks. Work events or dinner parties are one thing but the androgynous look doesn’t always look appropriate when the rest of your peers are lapping up the scene in long gowns. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute Gala, while all the actors, models, and socialites wore gowns and mini-dresses by their designer of choice, Alexa Chung took it one step further by wrapping pairing shortened black cigarette pants with thick suspenders, a ribbon bowtie and dominatrix heels, then wrapping her blazer around her shoulders like a Zorro cape. She certainly got the crowd’s attention.

If done right, Alexa’s much talked about menswear can look great for any major event but if you’re not sure about an overall sculpted black and white tuxedo look, why not make it easy on yourself by simply wearing a tuxedo-style shirt with a pair of urban chic black shorts.

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Knee Socks
Knee socks and knee highs add oomph to any outfit, but there’s no need to pull them off in Britney Spears “Baby One More Time” fashion. Although some stylish celebs would sure like to try! Take the ones like Carrie Underwood who pair them with flashy, studded peep toes that while ultra-edgy, is otherwise dappled with mega overdone wattage.

You also definitely don’t want to do the Taylor Momsen celebrity fashion faux-pas and wear them sheer with boots. Agyness Deyn’s lacey knee highs tucked into her silver Oxford flat shoes doesn’t impress me either. Just another attempt to make a decadent statement in an accessory that should be worn casual. The celebrities that work this trend the right way are the ones that make it look effortless.

Especially impressive is Peaches Geldof’s socks tucked into her Hunter Boot Wellies and even Lindsay Lohan who did the same thing with brown boots. That’s why it’s best to wear it simple and sporty but still utterly fashion forward.

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All Over Print
Prints are and have always been all the range but now A-listers are mixing them up with wild varieties of glittery messes and animal d patterns. The one trend that’s likable on the celeb style scene is that all over print look where wearing prints from head to toe can actually look good – when done the right way, of course.

There is one sultry songstress who can do up this look perfectly, in whatever print she chooses. She never looks like she’s trying too hard. While this one can handle bold shoulders and eccentric pants, she can also mix up crazy patterns and put them together for an awesomely chic getup. Rihanna, for some reason, seems to know how to wear prints and do it right.

Chalk it up to her Barbados background where loud colors and wild prints are commonplace or give her an excuse that she has dark skin and brights just look good on her. We think it’s due to the fact that she’s trendsetting and knows how to dress.

There are two ways to wear this look. Rihanna has done both. There’s mismatched print look, wearing two different patterns at the same time and somehow making them work together, which Rihanna has done complete with sky-high heels and a straw Panama hat. Then there’s the one we like a whole lot better, a print from head to toe without being completely matchy-matchy.

Think back to Rihanna when she made an excursion to Israel. On her day trip to Jerusalem, she flat Miu Miu sandals, a bright green animal print scarf and a beautiful all over print Diane von Furstenberg dress in a variety of colors.

Rihanna offered you fashionistas the best fashion tip of all. If you’re going to do all over print, its best to do it in a long gown or maxi dress. Net-A-Porter has a great collection, including the $695 DVF Lucretia silk maxi dress worn by Rihanna.

We Love: Roberto Cavalli Belted Print Maxi Dress $2,525

Taylor Momsen: Lingerie-Inspired,
Alexa Chung: Black Tie (Tuxedo),
Carrie Underwood: Knee Socks,
Rihanna: All Over Print,

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