Mad Men Costume Designer Now Vlogs for Banana Republic!

August 2, 2010 • Fashion


Ahhhh, the start of a new work week means only one thing these days: the juicy new Mad Men episode that aired last night. Two episodes into the new season and the scandal-happy show is already causing fan frenzies from coast to coast. And Banana Republic—the lucky retailer that scored an advertising partnership with the show—is kicking their 60's inspired style cues into overtime, much to our delight. The stores windows have recently been spotted boasting ensembles that any Peggy, Betty or Joan would be proud of. So far noteworthy things to come out of the collaboration have included the chance to win a walk-on role and a $1,000 Banana Republic gift card.

But as the plots continue to thicken, so does the brand's involvement, including the latest trend of style vlogs featuring Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant and Banana Republic creative director Simon Kneen. In the videos, Bryant shares her thoughts on styling the employees of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. “There’s been this whole resurgence of dressing up and really dressing for the occasion, which Mad Men is so much about," she says. "It’s all about that beautiful façade.” You can't help but visualize yourself in these flattering, curve-hugging getups so meticulously styled by Bryant and Kneen. It makes one want to run right out and purchase a Banana Republic outfit for their next Mad Men-themed party. Or you know, just to wear while you watch it next Sunday on the couch. For more coverage, check out AMC's official website or Banana Republic's Facebook Page. 

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-Alia Rajput

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