Stacy London Bringing Some Style for Hire

August 3, 2010 • Fashion

tacy London and Cindy McLaughlin

Stacy London is ready to bring fashion to the masses.


The co-star of the TLC reality show "What Not To Wear" is teaming up with her friend and former apparel executive Cindy McLaughlin are making a new website for those who need a bit a luxury but don't have their own personal stylist.


The website, will launch Sept. 13 in Washington. There will be 15 stylists, though the plan is to create a national platform around the United States in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York and Chicago.


You can expect to pay for this style though. Services will average for about $100 an hour but can vary. Since the stylists are independent contractors, they will set their own hourly rate. Each stylist will provide personal shopping, closet shopping (building outfits from pieces in your own closet) and closet auditing. Just like the show, they will take clothes deemed unwearable in a two to three hour heartbreaking experience and donate them to charity.


Style for Hire intends to make money by taking a percentage of what stylists receive from their clients and from commissions from stores. Stylists also undergo Style for Hire’s two-day training program and attend seminars and are charged a fee which, the company said, would also vary depending on whether it’s London or someone else providing the instruction.


“I meet people all over the country who ask me, ‘Where can I find someone like you without getting on national TV?’ This company is my answer to them,”  London explained about the company.


And the less we have people embarrassing themselves and crying over old kitten sweaters and acid wash high-waisted jeans, the better.


-Taneisha Jordan


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  1. Mo says:

    I’m so excited for this!!!

  2. lucy says:

    Love the idea – hope they expand to more locations soon.

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