Designer Dish. Betsey Johnson Designs Suite for Beloved Children’s Book Character

August 4, 2010 • Fashion

Betsey Johnson inside her "Eloise" suite at the Plaza Hotel

These days, with every Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian running out to design a clothing line, its now wonder that some of the most reputable designers in the fashion biz are starting to lend their creative genius elsewhere—namely, interiors. Tons of well known industry names, (Martin Margiela, Christian Lacroix and DVF to name a few), have laid the design groundwork for everything from luxe lofts spaces to swanky suites. And while most of the resulting spaces reflect a serious avant-garde or artful style, one particular fun-loving designer signed on to create a room from a cherished children's book.

Who else but Betsey Johnson would pick the sweet but snarky children's book character Eloise as her style muse? Johnson was tapped by the Plaza Hotel to recreate the suite that the fictional character famously called home, and now finished, seems honored (yet unsurprised) that she was chosen. "I do kind of seem to be the perfect kid to do this," Johnson said at he press preview last week. "My reputation is of being pink and fun—I think they got my brand." We can sure see the connection, and would love to see the room! Located on the hotel's 18th floor, the suite is apparently a pink palace, fully decked out with black and white zebra carpeting, two different kinds of rose-printed upholstery, sayings from Eloise scattered around the room and her name in neon above the king size bed.

"It has a nice Plaza classines," Johnson noted. "It's obviously what it should be. I read the books and was looking for a clue. Once I came here and saw what I had to work with. It's basically just fabric, paper and paint." But all that fabric, paper and paint is gonna cost you! In true Plaza style decadence, the rates for the room will start at $995 per night – though it does include perks like a monogrammed Eloise bathrobe, a $100 gift card to the Eloise shop, an Eloise camera, a framed photo of the guest inside the suite, and an Eloise book. It's a small price to pay for a day in the life of a favorite childhood character, all compliments of Betsey Johnson!

Article and Photo Source: Stylelist

-Alia Rajput

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