Gareth Pugh Makes Retail Debut in Hong Kong

August 4, 2010 • Fashion


Gareth Pugh has finally made the first step into changing the fashion world: his retail store debut.


“Because it was my first store, I knew I had to do something that was very me. So I went back to my runway shows and thought, What could be more me than a black box? But instead of doing something very one-dimensional, I decided to play around with a lot of optical illusions that will change the space according to reflections. Contrasting themes such as shiny and matte, black and white, hard and soft are also an important part of my style. I wanted to take these ideas and create something that would make sense in a retail environment,” Pugh said.


The 658-sq.-ft. store opened Saturday in Hong Kong in the city's central area, near Commes des Garçons and Martin Margiela. But don't expect to see the same old, same old. Pugh is definitely trying to stand out in a league of his own.




“I like that there is Margiela just up the street, Gucci around the corner and Hermès across the road. It creates a sense of luxury around the brand and what I do that may not be so apparent in other cities, such as London. What I do is of a certain ilk, but it’s still very sophisticated. And there is a broad ranging type of person who can buy my things. Hong Kong is ready for it,” he said.


Rumors were rampant earlier this year that Pugh would take over the McQueen empire after his death but those turned out to be false. There were also rumors that he would be headed to Thierry Mugler which turned out not to be true, as well.


-Taneisha Jordan


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