Please Stop the Photoshop, Ann Taylor

August 5, 2010 • Fashion, Off-Topic



The original photo on the left and the re-touched photo on the right


What is with retailers and Photoshop? Everyone knows it isn't real and makes models look fake, yet it continually runs rampant in advertising. Ann Taylor is the latest perpetrator involved in a Photoshop fiasco.

Monday, Ann Taylor put up some untouched thumbnails on the retailer's website. When the customer clicked on the picture, it morphed into some woman with no hips, stomach and possibly missing major parts of her ribcage.


The pictures have since been taken down. Ann Taylor was already in trouble earlier this year when drastically digitally altered pictures hit the website of women with the same condition (ribcage and waist-less with sticks for legs).


-Taneisha Jordan




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2 Responses to Please Stop the Photoshop, Ann Taylor

  1. I think the model’s body on the left looks much better than the picture on the right! Oh, Ann T…

  2. courtney says:

    her waist looks very abnormal on the right. if they wanted to take it in they should have done it lower and not so much.
    the left picture was just fine. i even prefer the details on the fabric as opposed to the right picture.

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