Nails, Nails, Nails

August 7, 2010 • Magazine

Nails, Nails, Nails

Nails, Nails, Nails

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This season, nail polish trends are just as important as those strutting down the runway.

Amanda Aldinger

It’s no secret that nail polish has become a modern accessory of note. The vivacious color palates previously enjoyed by teen-friendly cosmetic empires like “Wet ‘n Wild” (metallic blue was my personal favorite) have returned to the beauty scene in scores, sweeping designer cosmetic lines and throwing mainstream polish brands like OPI and Essie into a beautific limelight.

Not only has the market been flooded with an onslaught of new colors and application tools (matte nails, anyone?), but polish companies are producing their products under the same seasonal calendar that rules the runways. While design houses like Chanel and YSL introduce new nail colors based on the hues of that season’s collection, other nail companies independently produce their own themed seasons, like Essie’s “Art of Spring” collection, or OPI’s “Swiss” collection, for F/W 2010. Now, staying on trend from season to season can be as simple as a trip to Ulta – and what’s not to love about that?

Take a look at some of the most exciting nail colors and trends to hit the market for fall:

OPI’s “You Don’t Know Jacques” made gray nails all the rage two seasons ago, but nail companies have been experimenting with this stormy palate, introducing a variety of hues ranging from silvery metallics, to stony concrete. Nothing is more chic than a short, grey nail. A neutral that will never clash, a good grey is a must-have in any nail polish collection.
Try: Chanel “Particuliere” ($23), American Apparel “Factory Grey” ($6)

My near-translucent palor does not lend itself well to nails that don’t differentiate themselves from my skin tone. Nevertheless, the beautiful thing about the nude trend is that it has vastly infiltrated the color field, immersing its glorious neutrality into a palate much more expansive than one would imagine. Loud nails will always make a statement, but the understated elegance of nude nails have a timeless appeal that’s always in style.
Try: Essie “BBF Bestfriend” ($8), OPI “Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs.” ($8)

I’ll be honest, as a bona fide noir aficionado, brown is not a color that enters my personal palate very often. But, when I encountered Essie’s F/W 2010 collection, which included a perfect chocolate brown, “Little Brown Dress,” and a sumptuous brown-based plum, “Velvet Voyeur,” (which came home with me), I knew my mind was changed. If straight up brown isn’t for you, embrace a brown-based hue for a seductive take on a darker nail, or go with a taupe-y shade for something a bit more subtle.
Try: Essie “Little Brown Dress” ($8), CND “Desert Suede” ($9)

Glittery Metallics
Outspoken baubles are an unspoken must-have accessory, so why not turn your nails into your most statement-making accessory of all? Glitter polishes are everywhere, and they’re a super easy way to add a bit of flash to your fingertips. Available in all colors, spice up your favorite classics with a glittery navy or gold, or go out on a metallic limb by embracing new hues like purple or green.
Try: Rescue Beauty Lounge’s “Look Rich, Be Cheap,” and “Frugalista” ($18)

Shades of Blue
If there’s one color that’s sweeping the world of nail polish, it’s blue. Available in everything from navy to metallic, baby to cerulean, there isn’t a shade of blue that’s not available and on trend. For those looking for a bit of punch, try something a bit more aquatic. If you’re like me, and you prefer your blue hues to be a bit more classic, give your favorite navy a metallic edge. No matter your preference, consider blue your new neutral and get painting.
Try: OPI “Yodel Me on My Cell” ($8), Essie “Lapis of Luxury” ($8)

1. Chanel Le Vernis “Particuliere” $23
2. Essie “BBF Best Boyfriend” $8
3. CND “Desert Suede” $8.99
4. Rescue Beauty Lounge “Look Rich, Be Cheap” $18
5. OPI “Yodel Me On My Cell” $6.50

Image Layout: Laura Funk

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