Clothes to Keep You On Your Two Feet

August 16, 2010 • Fashion



Which moves faster: fashion trends or science and technology? That could be a hard question to answer but at least fashion is using it to its advantage for once.


Researchers at North Carolina State University's College of Textiles are in the process of making a "performance fiber" that has the ability to monitor blood pressure, pulse rates and "signs that a wearer is falling down". Something that would be mainly used for workout clothing, it would not be surprising to see this kind of material filter into designer collections for one reason or another. Another company is using this technology to line mens suits that prevents odor and sweat from staying in the suit.


That's great about your clothes being able to help you stand up straight but what about your shoes? Could this help models stay up on the runway in their 8-inch heeled platform stiletto? This is more of a pressing matter, if I would say so!


-Taneisha Jordan






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