Beauty Buzz. Tricks to Maintain a Kiss-Proof Pout!

August 16, 2010 • Beauty


I usually never kiss and tell, but as a beauty editor I feel it's my responsibility to reveal some of my sneaky tricks for maintaing a kiss-proof pout! Whether opting for lip gloss, long-lasting lipsticks or lip balm only there are several cool ways to keep your lip shades intact. If you're a lip gloss kinda gal (like me) try dusting on loose powder before you apply lip liner. The powder serves as a great prepping tool for concealing even the richest color! Utilizing long-lasting lipsticks and lip liners are also great options, but keep in mind that either choice can be quite drying – and require additional lip balms to maintain moisture. My personal favorite is the 'Outlast Lip Stain' by Cover Girl. It's retailed for under $10 – and its lightweight texture lasts for hours! (Smooching included). I also indulge on cherry and orange popsicles for an instant lip stain. I complete the look with a nude lip gloss with a bit of shimmer, and I’m set.

Lip color
Out Last Lip Stain

One of my favorite go-to beauty bibles, 'Glamour Magazine', notes that patience is also the key to maintaing your fab lip color. "If you kiss your sweetie right after applying (lip color), he’s going to end up wearing more of your lip color than you are." I'm known for jumping right in, so next time I'll make sure to be a bit smarter before planting a fat one on my honey!

What are your favorite kiss-proof lip colors or tricks?

– Nicole L. Townsend

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