WTF! The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style

August 20, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Juliette Lewis at the premiere of "Switch" in L.A.

Comment: We've all gotta grow up sometime. And apparently, that day has yet to come for industry vet Juliette Lewis. I'm not even looking at her dress because all I see is that tacky blue hair that she seems to think is still cute. Maybe ten or twenty years ago. Then again I guess if you're starring alongside Jennifer Aniston, you need some way to stand out, right?

She's Thinking: Manic Panic, anyone?

Victoria Shelley at the premiere of "Basement" in London

Comment: The Brits are at it again! Bad fashion, that is. Such is the only way I could describe this nightmare of a dress. Actually, I could also say unflattering, silly, dated and just not cute. Corsets will never come back, sorry to say. And flowery, ruffly sleeve thingies have never made it to this side of the pond for a reason.

She's Thinking: I'm, like, rocker chic!

Carson Kressley at the Couture Council Summer party in New York

Comment: WQEFTSGD! In other words, What Would "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" Do when it saw its prince of style and good taste rocking a less than stylish, snoozefest, grandpa-looking jacket. For an event with the words "Couture" and "Summer" in the title, Carson is not looking either with this mundane, dark and gloomy paisley print over his more seasonally appropriate lightweight whites! Where's the linen! The seersucker! The pastels! Really Carson, we expected so much more from you. Don't make me type out that acronym again!

He's Thinking: These drapes were begging to become a blazer, I swear.

Laura Herring at the "Piranha 3D" premiere in L.A.

Comment: Thank you to Ms. Herring for reminding us of one of the cardinal rules of fashion no-no's. Do NOT match your shoes exactly to your dress, especially when its a retina-burning color like this bright teal. Neutrals were made for a reason, and goodness knows this is a prime example of when they should be used. If that wasn't bad enough, the style of the open-toed shoe doesn't match the look of the dress. When in doubt, coordinate stylistically, not colorfully.

She's Thinking: I though matching exactly was a good thing!

Photo Source: Wireimage

-Alia Rajput


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