Best Celebrity Hair Makeovers Of 2010

August 22, 2010 • Magazine

Best Celebrity Hair Makeovers Of 2010

Best Celebrity Hair Makeovers Of 2010

Tue, 2000-08-22 13:00

Simona Kogan

Recently, I decided to go for a major lifestyle change after a spontaneous visit to a friend. But I didn’t lose a ton of weight, shave off all my body hair, or suddenly begin spewing my favorite Shakespeare poetry out loud. I didn’t even throw out every piece in my overly abundant wardrobe. This lifestyle change didn’t hurt, was very necessary, and it turned out better than expected.

I chopped off all my hair. Now if you know me, you know that I have a rapturous thick, wavy unruly mane that only gets longer and thicker as I live in warmer climates. But it was my hair, my security blanket, and I loved it. It made me feel pretty and girly and femme.

Who knew chopping off my luscious locks could do the same? My stylist suggested if I’m going to do a major change (which I desperately needed as I was going through a turning point in my life) I go for a new look that’s both modern and femme – long in front and short in the back. He was right! Not only is the cut perfect for summer, but everyone is commenting on how well it fits my face!

They say your physical appearance can’t change who you really are – but I do feel more confident then ever before – if anything, perhaps because I can’t hide behind my hair any longer.

In an homage to my flattering, totally life-changing haircut, I’d love to pay tribute to the celebs who are confident enough to take major risks themselves, despite the flack they may receive from the paparazzi, the critics, and the general public. These celebs have also committed the ultimate fashion forward foray in hair makeovers – whether that meant sheering their sharp manes, going bold with a new hair color, or pasting on some new hair extensions (that actually look good, not Britney Spears trashy!)

Let’s take a moment to honor the best hair makeovers of 2010.

Emma Watson
Right around the time, I decided to chop off my precious hair, Emma Watson made a bold choice by defying her Hermione Granger persona in favor of a pixie cut with a Twiggy-esque twist. Her pixie shorn ‘do was suddenly compared to the famed ’60s model and Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. “I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time,” she wrote on Facebook, “It’s the most liberating thing ever. Hope you like.” Emma says she missed that whole childhood-experimentation stage and we’re guessing this is her response. While a shocking contrast to her Harry Potter days, the public seems to be loving it! I’m with ya, sister!
Other celebs who now don pixies: Rihanna, Renee Zellweger, Michelle Williams

Hilary Duff
In what can only be described as a complete post-marital status change, Hilary Duff was spotted leaving a Beverly Hills salon donning darker locks a few days after her honeymoon with NHL player Mike Comrie. It looks like she left the little girl behind in favor of a more mature strawberry blonde coif that completely overpowers her one-time way-too-sunny shade. It’s no problem for Hilary — she’s already dyed her hair blonde, red and dark brown in the past. We’re all for girls grabbing makeovers to sound off about a new change in their life, but wouldn’t a Facebook status update be much sweeter?
Other celebs who have changed their color: Kim Kardashian, Juliette Lewis, Kristen Stewart

Kate Gosselin
Her retro-highlighted spiky short hairstyle inspired many a laugh and many a Halloween wig, so much so, that the reality star mother of 8 decided she wanted to be taken more seriously with a new ‘do. With the help of Ted Gibson and the Ted Gibson salon, Kate decided to go through a grueling 20-hour process adding hundreds of extensions to her hair. Gibson said it was the short spiky bits in the back that gave him the most headache, but that Kate herself was a sweetheart. She even took on bangs! Critics have called it more mature a(though she appears younger) and more versatile as well as a look that softens her often too-harsh facial features. In one line, Kate looks great!
Other celebs who have added hair extensions: Britney Spears, Fergie, Paris Hilton

Hayden Panettiere
There’s another pixie-haired princess in our midst but this one went dark first then cut it all off. Though she often looks like she’s 16, it’s obvious that Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere is wise beyond her years and finally has the haircut to match. She also has a boxer boyfriend who is at least 13 years her senior. She’s also active in various aquatic activist groups and has fought for aquatic animal rights. We’re not saying that this is why she got this haircut–all we’re saying is that it’s obvious that her newly coiffed mane definitely fits her ultra-mature character.
Other celebs who look more mature with their new pixie ‘do: Jessica Stroup, Cary Mulligan, Ginnifer Goodwin

1. Emma Watson – Long Hair,
2. Emma Watson – Short Hair, Martin Schoeller for EW,
3. Hilary Duff – Blond Hair,
4. Hilary Duff – Dark Hair,
5. Kate Gosselin – Short Hair,
6. Kate Gosselin – Long Hair,
7. Hayden Panettiere – Long and Dark,
8. Hayden Panettiere – Blonde and Pixie Cut,
9. Simona Kogan, Author – Before
10. Simona Kogan, Author – After

Image Layout: Laura Funk

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