Ask The Bean: Battling The Cargo Look

August 27, 2010 • Magazine

Ask The Bean: Battling The Cargo Look

Ask The Bean: Battling The Cargo Look

Mon, 2000-08-28 12:00

Dear Bean,
I just bought a pair of great-looking skinny cargo pants, but I am not sure about what to wear with them. There is a lot going on with all of the pockets and zippers, so I don’t want to look bulky, too masculine or too military. I’m battling what top and shoes to wear with these pants. Help!
Very Truly Yours,
Battling the Cargo Look

Dear Battling the Cargo Look,

I think we’ve officially demolished any hazardous fashion zones and have clearly passed the “do not enter” sign when it comes to sporting a more masculine look. From oversized blazers and suspenders, to oxfords and boyfriend jeans, we’ve managed to steal menswear, and if I can say so myself, flaunt it far better than the other gender!

The cargo skinny pant is making its way into the spotlight, so don’t be scared to be among the first experimenting with this look. The fact that it hugs your legs immediately diminishes any bulkiness, so excessive pockets are in the clear! The task with this pant is finding the balance that won’t make others’ eyes widen with alarm and confusion! Consider these two outfits for either a day of errands, coffee and shopping (of course), or for a girl’s night out.

If you’re sticking to a tighter pant then throw on a belt and tuck in the front of a loosely fitted t-shirt. Keeping the outfit casual allows you to coat yourself with accessories. Throw on bracelets on one arm, a watch on the other and choose a simple pair of earrings like studs or go with a necklace. You can also top it off with a fedora. The beauty of wearing a more masculine outfit allows you to feminize without any limits. For the shoes if you’re sticking to flats you can keep the bottom of the pant down; however, if you’re looking into a pair of simple wedges you can roll up the bottoms for a more relaxed attitude.

Grab a fitted cargo pant that will hug you in all the right areas, accentuating those sexy curves. Find a fitted, printed or plain tank that doesn’t suffocate your torso or look like it’s five sizes too big, but something that sways comfortably. Search out a blazer that hits you at the hips to be sure we aren’t hiding any cargo underneath and cuff up the sleeves. Accessorize with an arm of bangles and throw on a pair of thin hoop earrings. Roll up the bottom of the pant and find any pair of sky-high platforms. With this pant, you can throw on closed toe, peep toe, wedges or booties. Don’t think for a second that you need to downsize the shoe!

Don’t hesitate with the skinny cargo pant, be confident with what you put together and soon enough you’ll become the trendsetter everyone envies!

1. J Brand Houlihan Low-Rise Skinny Cargo Pants $240
2. Current/Elliot The Skinny Cargo Low-Rise Jeans $250
3. Current/Elliot The Skinny Cargo Low-Rise Jeans $250
4. Balmain Leather Cargo Pants $5,445
5. J Brand Houlihan Low-Rise Skinny Cargo Pant $240
6. J Brand Houlihan Low-Rise Skinny Cargo Pants $240

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