Fashion Blunder. “Creepers” – and The Walk of Shame

August 27, 2010 • Fashion


Whether we choose to admit it or not, we've all been there. The dreaded 'walk of shame', courtesy of the late night dance party at Studio 54 – depending on which era you're from that is. Walking the streets shamelessly the morning after in a short mini with stilettos takes courage; nonetheless, it takes a mere 5 minutes to eliminate non-judgmental stares from strangers. To avoid the ultimate fashion don't(s) take heed of these tips to save you from recreating the scene from Julia Roberts walking the streets on Rodeo Drive in "Pretty Woman":

1. Take a taxi-cab home if your outfit is showing too much skin. I know cabs can be expensive, but the extra $7 could potentially save you from running into someone you know, (or may) know in the future.

2. Ask your slumber party buddies for a three quarter length coat and tie your belt around it to create an entirely new dress. No belt? Use your scarf or just button it all the way down. No one will ever know about the go-go sequined shorts you're wearing underneath.

3. Remove as many accessories as possible. The 'less is more' approach will definitely work to your advantage in this case.

4. When you see someone starring at you from afar, politely tell them to mind their own business. It's not your fault that their social life is utterly boring!

I'll see you on the dance floor!

– Nicole L. Townsend

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