Four Vintage Items You Need For Fall

August 29, 2010 • Magazine

Four Vintage Items You Need For Fall

Four Vintage Items You Need For Fall

Sun, 2000-08-27 09:00

Angel Cutsforth

When designers showed their Fall Winter 2010 Collections earlier in the year there was a lot of talk of them taking their inspiration from clothing of the past. You might not be able to afford the price tags of Louis Vuitton or Prada but since they have looked to the past for the silhouettes and style of their designs, you can get the look for less by buying vintage clothing.

I’m going to show you the main pieces of the season and where to get their vintage cousins.

Circle Skirts
Seen gracing the catwalks at Louis Vuitton and Prada these 1950’s style skirts look sophisticated and feminine by cinching in the waist. Go for a wool one from the 1950’s or 1980’s, and consider putting a crinoline underneath to give it that extra poof and period feel.

Fur Stoles
Although controversial in some circles, this season fur on collars or as scarves was everywhere this fall. Originally popular during the 20’s and 30’s, these opulent accessories have stayed popular throughout the decades. Go for a vintage faux (or not) fur stole and make sure you’re warm when the weather turns chilly.

Most commonly associated with the 1960’s, bright colors made a huge comeback and will be featuring highly on the high street. Go for a mod look, or for the electric neon’s of the 1980s and you’ll definitely warm up the winter.

Power Suits
Reminiscent of the 1980’s, power suits where this seasons take on androgyny. If you’re lucky you can raid the closet of someone in your family to find these popular items. Keep it bulky to get the authentic look.

Where to Buy:
I personally love using Etsy and searching in their vintage section for what I’m looking for. Market Publique is also a great online vintage marketplace. Other gems can be found on EBay, or in thrift stores, vintage stores and the closets of your nearest and dearest. Also go to Modern Vintage Chicago.


Image Layout: Laura Funk

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