How To Dress Plus-Size For The 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards

August 30, 2010 • Celebrity Style

There were two plus-size actresses at this year's 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards who stood out–one for getting her Emmy gown right…and one for getting it all wrong.

They didn't stand out because they were plus-size.  They stood out because they had two very different approaches to handling a common fashion problem–how to dress for a special event when you have one too many curves for your liking.

c, Melissa Masse

Amber Riley just proved that plus-size can wear white! All it takes is the right shape, the right cut, and the right structure. The dress was obviously custom made to fit Amber's proportions,including her hefty bust area and the designer seemed to hit all the right places. That's why this white wonderland is so flattering on the Glee star.  Not to mention the glamorous belt, which cleverly breaks up the tight top and loose bottom half, so Amber can hide a trouble tummy. She looks like a grand Grecian goddess!

Kaycee Stroh, Igigi

This dress could have been really great on the High School Musical star. The draped black one shouldered top half over the purple strapless bust is really elegant and really flattering. But I'm not a big believer in plus-size women wearing flashy prints.  If you can pull it off, more power to you, but usually it calls pattention the most unflattering places. In this case, I believe that if Kaycee had opted for a solid colored bottom (either in black or in purple, but not both) the dress would have won her more points!

Photos: Wireimage

–Simona Kogan


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    I agree totally. Amber Riley looks stunning and her dress is perfect for her!

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