Retail Detail. Juicy Couture Dropped From Most High-End Stores

September 1, 2010 • Shopping


It seems the era of the velour track suit may FINALLY be coming to an end. Several high end department stores have announced their plans of either dramatically scaling back or dropping altogether the Juicy Couture apparel line for fall. Hallelujah! WWD reported that its overview of the company's inventory in these stores was scant, at best, noting, " A spot check of stores revealed that Saks Fifth Avenue dropped the Juicy Couture line at the New York flagship for fall; Bloomingdale’s flagship cut way back on its Juicy department on the contemporary floor; Nordstrom passed on the apparel line for fall; Bergdorf Goodman no longer carries the line, and Neiman Marcus has dropped the line in several stores, such as White Plains, N.Y. and Beverly Hills."

And its really no surprise that the line is about to bottom out—co-founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy left the company themselves earlier this year to take on "nonoperating creative roles" and focus on launching their own line. Um, can you say, jumping ship? Current president Edgar Huber said he just wants to, "keep [the company] profitable. We’re not opening a lot of wholesale doors."  Yet, he still plans  to open 10 to 20 retail doors a year, and will take its e-commerce site in-house Sept. 15, which is expected to become its single largest door. (E-commerce had previously been handled through Neiman Marcus, but that's all over now.) So it seems the apparel division will keep fighting to the bitter end.

The news is not as bad for the accessories division, nor is it for Bird by Juicy Couture, the higher-priced apparel line. Most of the aforementioned stores still carry Bird, like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf's, and Nordstrom still stocks a wide variety of Juicy Couture accessories and handbags. And who knows? Maybe the non-velour tracksuit apparel sales will pick up. The brand does have designer Erin Fetherston making capsule collections until the end of 2011, including fall and holiday collections. She began May 1 of this year, and designed a holiday 2010 capsule collection, ranging from bugle-beaded blazers, sateen-trimmed jackets and beribboned draped skirts to bustier dresses. So perhaps the clothing won't be as hideous as it has been in years past. For their sake, they better hope so.


Article and Photo Source: WWD

-Alia Rajput

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    Hallelujah! Tired of those tacky tracksuits!!!

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