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September 2, 2010 • Off-Topic

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Since I am on my computer most of the day, I like to be unplugged while commuting to appointments. It's my few moments of relative peace and quiet (less the hundreds of other commuters around me). Sometimes lugging a big book is not an option so I grab my trusty little Pocket Posh™ puzzles to exercise my mind…in style.

It has been proven that playing logic games increases the blood flow to the brain, improving its cognitive functions. So try giving your mind a great workout. And why not still look fabulous while doing it with Pocket Posh™ puzzles?

With 100 puzzles enclosed in a chic package, Pocket Posh™ puzzles lets you use your noggin while looking fashionable. Perfectly portable for the subway, airport, waiting room, beach, or salon, Pocket Posh™ puzzles is the stylish solution for the smart woman on the go. Not only that, I love that it doesn't scream "Crossword Puzzle" for all the nosey Nellie's who are into your business!

My personal favorite is Pocket Posh Codewords (figuring out codes to unlock a crossword puzzle), but there is also Pocket Posh Sukendo 2, Pocket Posh Hangman 2 and Pocket Posh Hidato 2 with 100 puzzles packed into one small-sized chic book. Just remember a pen and you are all set! I'm so addicted I sneak away just to do one puzzle and relish the few minutes I have alone in a waiting room…when i should be checking my Blackberry!

Pocket Posh™ $7.99

– Lauren Dimet Waters

FTC Disclosure: Product Sample Received for Review.

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