Beauty News. Maybelline New York Launches New Line for Face.

September 3, 2010 • Beauty

Maybelline spokesmodel Lisalla Montenegrowill appear in ads for Fit Me

As the official cosmetics sponsor for Fashion Week, Maybelline New York is quickly gaining ground this season. The brand recently was ranked as the leader in cosmetics for the four-week
period ended Aug. 10, growing 15 percent to a 20.2 percent dollar share. And they're seemingly using that momentum to segue into their newest endeavor—an expansion of their "face" business.

The brand is launching Fit Me, a four-product face line that Maybelline executives believe
offers a newer take on the “shade true” category, starting with a
foundation, a powder, a concealer, a blush and three different bronzers. While execs acknowledge Fit Me isn’t the first face regimen to
include all of these items, they claim the difference is that Fit Me
links the various items together so seamlessly, the consumer will shop line as a full


Maybelline New York's new face makeup line, Fit Me.

Items in the Fit Me line will use “skin merge technology,” a patented formula that
aims to match skin tone and blend quickly. Fit Me includes a
foundation, which has an SPF 18 and uses pigments that are ground up and
refined before being added to a translucent base to allow for perfect
skin-shade replication. The foundation has a number featured on the packaging which coordinates with a specific skin shade, its corresponding products bearing
the same number. Both the
foundation and powder are available in 18 shades and will retail for
$7.99. The concealer is available in six shades and will retail for $6.49, while the blush comes
in 12 and, with the bronzers,
will retail
for $5.51 apiece.

Feel like you'll never figure out which shade is you? A specialized tool at the Maybelline shelf was created to help consumers narrow down what their individualized shade would be. To spread the word on the new line, a
print and TV advertising campaign for Fit Me
follows a reality theme
where each of Maybelline’s spokesmodels is filmed during various times
of their days, giving it a documentary feel. Industry sources estimate Fit Me could generate as much as $70 million in first-year retail sales.

Article and Photo Source: WWD

-Alia Rajput

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