WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

September 3, 2010 • Celebrity Style


Sofia Coppola at the Venice Film Festival in Venice

Comment: So, we understand that Sofia is the pinnacle of understated style. But sometimes, she takes things a bit too far on the casual side, like with these bulky, unflattering shorts. You are in Venice, after all, one of the most romantic cities in the world. Would it have killed her to put on a wispy skirt? We'd even settle for her signature LBD instead of this frumpy look.

She's Thinking: This is dressed up for me.

Isabella Ragonese at the Venice Film Festival in Venice

Comment: Hmmm….so we found this fashion 'Don't' lurking beneath some gorgeous shots of Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba. We're sure she had the best of intentions with this outfit, yet it didn't quite play out so well. Asymmetrical hemlines, multi-colored layers, over embellishments, totally clunky shoes….the list just goes on and on.

She's Thinking: Is this what it means to be stylish?

Tilda Swinton at a movie premiere in Paris

Comment: Swinton, usually at the apex of avant-garde style, took quite the nosedive with this school marmy ensemble. The length, the fit, the fabric is just all wrong for her, who can pull off just about anything. And am I missing something—is it somehow Winter already in Paris? Because it seems a bit seasonally premature to be busting out the knee length velvet already.

She's Thinking: In case the theater was drafty……

Mary Hart (with Archie Panjabi) at the Emmys in L.A.

Comment: Having covered many an event as press, I know the cardinal rule of dressing so you don't stand out, even at a formal event. One would think Mary Hart had gotten the memo with all her years at ET. Not that she doesn't look lovely, she does. But there's something about pulling out such a flashy dress when you're working the red carpet—not walking it—that just reads No No. Looking at her dress compared to Panjabi's, it almost reads 'Pageant', arguably the worst of the red carpet faux pas.

She's Thinking: This year, the cameras will all be on me! 


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-Alia Rajput


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