Are We Truly Ever Over Uggs?

September 8, 2010 • Accessories

Ugg Boot

Today was the first truly chilly fall day here in Chicago. I put on my cable-knit sweater, my cashmere scarf, the perfect straight jeans, and my flimsy summer flats. It hadn't registered to me to invest in winter shoes yet, but now that the temperature is literally hitting me in the face I have to take action. 

One might argue that Uggs are out, or were never really in to begin with but there is something about Uggs that I just can't resist. Ugg made the temptation even worse by coming out with a boot so cute, even those who are anti-Ugg will be considering it. 

The Bailey Button Krinkle is the comfort shoe that you should be craving this fall. My favorite shade of this plush boot is blackberry wine. A color true to its name, a deep purple so dark it's almost pretending to be black. This boot is perfect to throw on with your boyfriend jeans and cozy sweater on those days when you're not willing to sacrifice being cute just to avoid hypothermia. 

Are you willing to try Uggs for one more winter, or are you totally over this trend?

UGG Bailey Button Krinkle, $160

– Kat Bremhorst

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3 Responses to Are We Truly Ever Over Uggs?

  1. dmcv says:

    what is it about uggs? my sister lives in the green mountains in new york (mind you she is @50 years old but has a 15 year old daughter) and has no idea what we are talking about. here in southern new jersey my daughter and just about all of her friends have been relentless when it comes to buying “another” pair of uggs …for the last 6 years or so. this year my daughter left for college with about 3 old pairs of uggs and one of the newest styles (not even out of the box when she moved) with adorable buttons down the outside of the legs. hope she wears the old ones when the weather is wet and the college has put salt on the walk ways!

  2. Cathy says:

    Does being 50 preclude one from having fashion awareness? I think not Ms. dmcv 🙂
    Have not succumbed to the Uggs craze personally but must say this blackberry version is cute, and maybe I need to finally check them out! After all, I love black- and fabrics “pretending to be black”!

  3. Kim says:

    I am probably going to do Uggs again this winter! I live in Chicago and when you have a monstrosity of snow and salt to climb over every day it doesnt get much easier than throwing on some uggs to keep your feet warm and most of all dry!

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