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September 9, 2010 • Beauty


At a very young age, my mother always taught me the importance of proper posture. In the event of wanting to exude a confidence like no other, I decided that I would heed my mom's advice – wisdom that I still carry with me today. As a part of learning to walk tall, I used to practice every day for half an hour, walking across the room with a book on my head. Truth be told, I thought it was super silly, until walking down a flight of slippery steps became my worst nightmare when competing in pageants. I mastered, and triumphed over my fears – and now walk proudly through a room of crowded strangers. In a recent interview with, Kacy Duke of Kacy Duke Fitness and author of The Show It Love Workout says, When I work with Victoria’s Secret models, the first thing I tell them is to pull their navels toward their spines, roll their shoulders back, and stick their chests out." For an instant confidence booster, try this method every time you're making an entrance, or you could try the book method. I'm completely sold on both!

– Nicole L. Townsend

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