Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring ’11. Backstage With Daniel Vosovic

September 9, 2010 • New York Fashion Week Spring '11


I had the opportunity to meet Daniel Vosovic backstage at Exit Art before his Spring 2011 Collection show. He was as sweet in real life as his fans would believe – possibly even nicer! He was voted Fan Favorite on Season 2 of Project Runway. He was certainly less shy than I thought. I knew that he had written a book about the industry, Fashion Inside Out, but now he told me, he is concentrating on his collections. This is the third time Daniel has shown at New York Fashion Week, and he recently launched a new website, where Internet shoppers will now be able to purchase pieces from his collections! His designs can be found at boutiques, but he hopes after this show he will be picked up by larger stores like Barneys.

I told him I noticed pieces from his last two collections were designed to flatter and also easy to wear for most women. They are sexy, but not too tight or revealing.

"I want my clothes on a woman's body!" He exclaimed. "They have a strong New York presence and an urban feel."

Then he went about enthusiastically showing me pieces that would soon be on the runway that night. A clean sophisticated blouse, with a curved cut in the back, a safari jacket with impeccable trim and shaping. "Can I touch this?" I asked him. replied, "Sure!" It was so fun to be able to (gently) handle the runway pieces, and yes, they looked really tiny. They had to be to fit the models. He showed me a beautiful sheer black dress. It was all hand cut and will have a lining when it is sold. It had a stunning black lace, but it was polyurethane! "I call it tough girl lace!" he said.

Daniel showed me some of his digital prints, a "deer print" which was soft brushy strokes in muted tones of green, blue and grey on a soft jersey silk. He got me all wound up and excited about the show. "You are really so sweet!" I simply had to tell him when I left. "Now, now! You…Get out of here!" he replied, trying to be mean. But with a big grin on his face, there was just no way Daniel Vosovic could ever be anything but nice.

—Carol Calacci

Photo: Second City Style

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