Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring ’11. Cynthia Rowley Takes You To The Candyshop

September 11, 2010 • New York Fashion Week Spring '11

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Summary: After only a few days of covering shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I could already see a reoccurring theme throughout many of houses—beige. So it was a welcome sight to see bright bursts of sorbet-like colors stalking down the runways at Cynthia Rowley. Rowley's punchy palette paved the way for a mixed bag of stylistic themes‚ ranging from sporty to preppy to sophisticated. She played off the concepts of shapes and symmetry by choosing circles and stripes as her dominating prints, giving them a more modern makeover through the use of sheer, striped "invisible" sweaters and three-dimensional cabochon spheres that peppered everything from blouses to trousers.

Rowley's other prevalent theme seemed to involve the idea of space since—in as many pieces as she had little concave cabochen bubbles, she also had perforated patterns of cut outs, placed strategically across the chest or swinging from a hem. Some fashion media outlets have questioned this "Swiss cheese" move by Rowley, claiming it looked too cartoonish or didn't play out as well as it should have, but I for one enjoyed the  playful pieces. Amid a season at risk for being too stoicly  monochromatic, Rowley's lighthearted, candy-colored collection reminded us we don't always have to take ourselves so seriously. 

Color Palette: mint, pollen, hibiscus, color-branded, thistle, khaki, kaleidoscopic, iris, rose, strawberry, blush, ivory, graphite, milk glass, sketched, honeycomb, fog, black, smokescreen, mist, plaid

Fabrics and Textures: perforated, invisible striped, enameled, leather, cabochon-detailed, mille-feuille, cuffed, embossed, printed, sharpened, layered, peephole, transparent, tiered

Key Pieces: Double Mint with enameled bar necklace, perforated skirt with invisible striped sweater, printed leather shell with cabochon coated skirt, kaleidoscopic cabochon, sharpened graphite trousers ans shell, peephole dress, cabochon top with fog tiered skirt, black hole dress, milk glass cabochon dress, smokescreen dress and invisible sweater

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: WWD

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