Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring ’11. Backstage at Carmen Marc Valvo Part 2: Hair with Ted Gibson

September 12, 2010 • New York Fashion Week Spring '11


After the generous amount of information bestowed upon us by Romero Jennings, key makeup artist for M.A.C., we were ready to find out just how the chosen hairstyle for the Spring '11 Carmen Marc Volvo runway show was created. Its become a tradition for me to speak with the stylist always picked for this honor, Ted Gibson. I was especially excited to see Ted since the whole Second City Style crew had had a wild and rowdy time at a cocktail party at the Ted Gibson salon just the night before. While we waited for Ted to make his grand entrance, we spoke to his key stylist, Devin Toth.

Key stylist for Ted Gibson, Devin Toth

Devin told us that the hair look was inspired by the collection and its nod to 1960's fashion. He said they had wanted something that was pretty, but textured and undone, quick but with a purpose. The hair was prepped with Ted Gibson's Build It blow-drying agent on dry hair. Model's with naturally straight hair were given a little wave with a 1-inch curling iron to make the hair look fuller and more elegant.

Curling waves into the models' hair

The hair was then pulled into a mid to low ponytail and teased out to add volume. Toth turned the ponytail into a chignon by wrapping the ponytail over itself a couple times, leaving the tail hanging out. Once the ponytail was overlapped and folded over, it was pinned all the way around the scalp in order to stay loose but still look smooth. Then to "squish" it down closer to the head, the style was secured with bobby pins on the inside and on the top of the chignon. As a finishing touch, Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold light hold hairspray was applied to the final look. What resulted was a style that looked done, but not perfectly clean, a more modern take on the classic chignon my making it appear somewhat messy and roughed up.

Making a mid ponytail

Wrapping into a chignon

Overlapping the hair, leaving the tail out

Securing the chignon around the scalp and inside 

Spraying the finished look with light hold hairspray

A few of the textured finished look from the side

When Ted came out at the end of Devin's presentation, he articulated how happy he was with the entire cohesive look that his hair, M.A.C.'s makeup look, and Carmen's collection created together. After taking our traditional picture together, I was even able to catch a few shots of the always smiling Carmen Marc Valvo himself as he was doing television interviews Its always such a fun and friendly vibe at his shows and I can't wait to see what gorgeous creations he has up his sleeve for next season!

Carmen Marc Valvo, looking dapper as always

Me and Ted Gibson, three seasons together so far!

Before the show—Sherry Sheperd talks to press

I snag a pic with actor Daniel Franzese!

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: Second City Style

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